Railings for Commercial Settings

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We were called in to design, build and install a railing for a new building.
Notice the channels that support the stairs, and how they bend outwards at the bottom. The bends caused the channels to rotate slightly at the bottom and so the bottom posts would no longer fit.

We altered the design to incorporate 3" posts at the top and the bottom of the stairs. It tied in nicely with the design and hid the rotation of the channels at the same time.

The result is a beautiful centerpiece that impressed both the owners and their clients.

This is one of the wings coming off the stairs on each side. There is a curvature to the wings which we matched with flat panels of glass. This could not be done if the railing wasn't custom built.
This small panel off to one side was originally designed as a doorway to the mezzanine. By installing the smaller panel we incorporated the earlier architectural design with the new one that satisfied the needs of the owner.